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product Model:KBAA

Products name:Rodeo Bull/Mechanical Bull/Bucking Bronco

About Rodeo Bulls

Bull Rodeo Game is more and more popular today!The bullfight rides scene thrilling
stimulation, challenge maximal exercise. 鈥渂ullfight machine鈥 enabled more people to have experienced the Spanish bullfight's opportunity.In most of European and American countries,such as United States,United Kingdom,Australia,Canada,Ireland,Mexico,
Netherlands,Germany,the Rodeo Bull business is very hot.
Rodeo Bull is a must have ride for amuse park, parties, weddings, balls, promotional events, corporate events and a great crowd puller for any event.

King Bullfight Machines with Mechanical Surfboard
King mechanical rodeo bull equipments have advantages below:

--The mechanical bulls and air blower have approved by CE/UL/TUV certificates
-- Automatic sensor safety system protection .Bulls with a sensor system in the cattle Riding off the back when the Bulls will immediately stop with brake system.
--Soft rubber bull horns,which make sure no hurts to the riders.
--Good quality inflatable mattress protection

Good Quality
Our deluxe mechanical bulls and inflatable mats have Two Years Ex-Works Guarantee.
All our products manufactured according to ISO9001.
Electrical equipments have been certificated by CE,TUV,UL.
All inflatable products meet ASTM -F24 , ASTM - 2374 , ASTM -1159 , ASTM -1193 , CAN/CSA - Z267-00 , Australian - AS3533.4.1,BS EN14960 and NFPA 701.
All bulls cover skin of our deluxe rodeo bulls is made from real cowhide skin.

Easily Use

The mechanical bull game could be operated manually or automaticlly.
There are three automatic competition levels which are linked to the LED time clocks:-Easy
,Medium and Hard.

The game could be play at different speed ,from slow to fast,the rank of Rotate speed is 9-60 rev / min.

Each one of the automatic Rodeo Bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider stayed on the bull; there is also an additional LED clock on the rear of the showing the best time of the night so far; this is perfect for competitions.


Products Details

->Best time LED display and manual Joystick
->Working Voltage ~220V
->Level of Rotate speed 9-60 rev / min
->Power 1500W
->Maximum angle of depression 15掳 Maximum Elevation 30掳
-> Crew: 1 person
->Inflatable protect bed's Diameter is 5 meters, 1.2 m high.The size could be customized.
->There are two types of characteristics: manual and automatic machine control
->LED Time with 99 seconds
->MP3 music player, music can be changeable.
->Mechanical Surfboard
->Can be manipulated - 8 different settings / locations (BUCK , BUCK/SPIN , LEFT BUCK/SPIN , RIGHT SPIN, LEFT SPIN, RIGHT BUCK , BUCK/SPIN LEFT , BUCK/SPIN RIGHT)
->Bulls with a sensor system in the cattle Riding off the back when the Bulls will immediately stop with brake system
Warranty:Two Year Ex-Works Guarantee on our Mechanical Bulls

Operating dimensions:
--18'Bed 20'x 20' x 10' high
--5.4m Bed 7.1m x 7.1m x 3m high
--17'Bed 19'x17' x 10' high
-- Bed 5m 6.5m x 6.5m x 3m high
--16'bed 18'x18' x 10' high
--4.8m Bed 5.4m x 5.4m x 3m high

Out Packing:Wooden Box ,Size:longth170*wideth80*height 135cm
5.6'x 2.6' x 4.5'
Bull Demensions:5.4' x 2.3' x4.4'(height)
Weight:350 kg

What's include with the Mechanical Bull?
--Mechanical bull body.
--Control console.
--Motor Base
--A high quality inflatable bed,the size could be customized.
--A CE air blower
--A Mechanical Surfboard

--A Manual with 2 Years Garantee.

Transport:Shipping by sea

About us
As a Professional Amusement and Leisure equipment manufacturer,The inflatable King is in line with many year productions, the management amusement equipment experience, from operator angle embarking, has formed the one whole set perfect management idea and the post-sale service system, will certainly to send in the source of income to wish your helping hand.


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Skype:inflatableking      Tel:86-134-50251408

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